Art 110 Wk2: Student Interview- Eui Jin Song


Hello, So this is my new friend, Eui Jin! She’s from La Palma and graduated from Kennedy High School. I actually have several classes this semester with her and she is such a sweet and funny person. Something pretty interesting about her is that she was born in Korea, and moved here when she was in fourth grade. She has 1 brother and 1 sister and is the oldest sibling in her family. Her major is social work and she wants to help people in the future. Her favorite color is black and she likes to stay home and do absolutely nothing on her free time. She enjoys playing monopoly on her phone for hours and watching Grey’s Anatomy (my favorite show!) and Once Upon A Time on netflix all day long. She loves to draw little bear and bunny characters on her notes while a teacher is lecturing.

We walked around and I asked what artwork she liked most in the galleries and  she really liked a painting that had a bear character and was colorful kind of like the ones she draws. We both agreed that the glass paintings were very strange and didn’t really stand out to us. We were much more into the paintings or drawings with a story behind it that shows.

Eui Jin is shy at first but a really fun and sweet person overall, I really enjoyed getting to know her and talking about some things that we could both relate to.


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