ART 110 WK. 2: artist interview – Maccabee Shelley


Maccabee Shelley does glass ceramics at CSULB. He started going down to glass recycling centers and getting the bottles that had no redemption value, hence the name of his gallery. He told us that the spiky sharp part at the tops of his sculptures was at first not supposed to happen, it was by accident. Now almost all of his work has that signature look. He likes to layer the glass to make the colors show and come out. He also thinks the pink, (like shown above) is a more unique way to make the glass figures stand out. “Since pink isn’t really a glass color I like to interpret it into my work” says Shelley.

 I personally like the art that shows a story behind it or a certain emotion comes from looking at it, but this is a different kind of artwork that you can’t see the emotion that Shelley felt while making it. You can only see things jumbled together and only imagine the amount of effort it took to complete all of these, it is so unique and unlike any other normal ceramics piece you would see and that is why I appreciate this glass art.


If any interest in his work go to

or check out his instagram @maccabeeshelley


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