Art110 Wk2: Activity-Graffiti


So I went into this project thinking it was going to be a piece of cake. I was way wrong!

I watched the videos and tried it on paper first and was successful, but when i did some testers with the spray paint it ended turning out like a mess. After several times of trying to achieve a more street looking art I realized it was too difficult with such a small canvas. I then tried to do some background colors and let it dry before spraying my name in bold black. Even though it doesn’t really look like graffiti lettering, it was still a fun experience doing something with spray paint instead of drawing or regular painting.

IMG_5565Moral of this experience is that I have learned to really admire the graffiti art look and style because it definitely takes a lot of practice and patience. The people that do this art have a lot of talent and are amazing artists.


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