Art110 Wk3: Artist Interview- Tidawhitney Lek



Tidawhitney was a very art spirited person. She said her art was all about color and said while painting she thinks about what her audience might be feeling when they look at the art at first. The impact was all she wanted the audience to feel. Adding texture was also something she felt was important to make it stand out even more than it already did.

Her biggest inspiration was her trip to New York. I’m in love with the fact that the city was her inspiration because I’ve always wanted to go to New york and see all the bright lights and colors. She mainly loves to put a lot of color into her art because she knows what color does to people. She really feels that her art is a new type of species, for example two different animals making a new type of animal.

What I loved most about her art was that it was so bright and in your face. It caught my eye immediately and was a great splash of something refreshing. You can really feel some type of emotion from her art pieces, but it can effect people in such different ways.

IMG_5607  IMG_5610

Check out her instagram: @Tidawhitney

Or email her at


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