Art110 Wk3: Social Photography


This last Thursday I posted 4 pictures to my instagram. I actually really enjoyed this activity because it caused me to be a little more creative with just random daily things that I appreciate in life.


For my first post of the day I posted a picture of the new friend I made and my other friend looking at the amazing artwork in the galleries.


For my second post of the day I posted a picture of me and the new friend I made during the art class getting Starbucks before our next class. I was super excited because I never thought that all because of an assignment of having to interview a student would allow me the chance to make such good friends that would actually want to hang out with me after the class and not just stick around and leave after.


For my third post I decided to post a picture of something I enjoy and makes me so happy after school everyday. My puppy loves to lay with me after school and I enjoy his company so much. He is such a stress reliever and usually takes up my whole bed. Wasn’t totally loving me all up in his face for this picture though lol!


For the final post of the day, is a little unusual to the normal stuff I usually post. So the story behind this one is that my boyfriend’s mom knows my obsession with giraffes (all time favorite animal by the way!) and decided to buy me a silver giraffe statue for my room. Super random but I absolutely love it! Anyway…. I thought it would be cool to take it to the back yard and make it look as if was roaming around.

I also posted these pictures on my second account which is @rachhgood

But my main instagram is @rachhy_g Check it out!!


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