Wk4 Art110-Student Interview-Kylie Louthan


This is Kylie!

She is a first year student like myself. She drives to school and we both talked about how bad the parking is this semester.  She actually went to Los Al high school which is pretty close to wear I live. She also mentioned that she played tennis all four years in high school but doesn’t anymore. She is an only child and has 2 cats. She also is teaching herself how to play the bass guitar which is amazing.

Her major is Film and electronic arts, which I think is really awesome and super different then what you normally hear. She also works at a movie theater which is pretty funny because she is really into filming and editing for projects. She loves to do her friend’s filming projects and was part of a news crew in high school. She likes to post projects on youtube but isn’t too popular on it yet but hopes to be maybe one day. Her dream job is to become a film editor for big movies.

Super talented girl and I’m so glad I got the chance to talk to her and meet her:)


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