Wk4 Art110-Artist Interview-Andrea Albarran



Andrea started painting 5 years ago. She really is more intrigued with abstraction and objects. She began to paint people she loves in her life and showing the love towards them with happy and bright colors. She uses oil paint and says that most of her work takes a couple days to dry when finished. She takes about 3 to 5 days to complete a painting.

Her major is Fine Arts and Drawing and this is her last semester at CSULB. When she graduates she wants to teach and is getting her credentials in China next semester. On the side she also does charcoal drawing and water color painting.

I asked her if she likes doing portraits better or just abstract objects and she said she couldn’t choose she loves them both equally. She said she loves when she gets to mix the two together because it makes it more vivid.


This is her favorite painting she has done because it is her niece and it shows the love for her within the colors of the painting.



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