Wk4 Art110-activity-Top moments in Rachel’s life

So basically I was pretty busy this week and I really didn’t have any time to think of something spontaneous to do in 3 days, so instead I thought what if I just post a bunch of things I did in the past year that were crazy moments for me.


To start off, right before graduation, I decided to get a piercing that I had been wanting for a while. I went with some friends and I was so nervous but it was so worth it and totally did not hurt as bad as I thought it was so that was a plus!


This time I was terrified to go to Six Flags, and I kind of got forced to go this summer and just face my fears of big roller coasters. It ended up being such a fun experience and I loved it so much (can you tell by my smile).


This time me and my friends decided to hike at Corona Del Mar beach. We walked really far down to this large rock cliff kind of far out. All my friends went out and climbed to the top and jumped off into the ocean! It was such a crazy fun adventure.


This day some of my friends and I went to a bay where there was these bridges and we flipped off them and had so much fun.


My last and most recent moment that I thought would never happen ever! I decided to cut off 13 inches of hair and donate it to locks of love. It was a crazy change in my life but one of the most rewarding by far.


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