Wk5 Art 110-Student Interview-Taneshia Warren


This is Taneshia!

She is in her second year at Cal State Long beach. She is also dorming with a roommate that she really likes. She said last year she unfortunately did not like her roommate so she was happy this year she got to pick. She is majoring in business marketing, and her dream job is to open a clothing store but she is not sure if that will go well for her in the future. I say if you want it bad enough it will happen.

Some fun facts about her life and quite frankly more interesting, are that she likes to draw. She like to listen to R&B or rap music. Some of her favorite music artists are Jhene Aiko and Drake. She has 2 brothers and is the middle child. She works at the Disney store when she is back home and gets special disney benefits where she gets to go to disneyland with her friends! Totally jealous! The last cool fact I got from her was that she lived in New York for 5 years before she moved to California. Which is amazing because I’ve always really wanted to go to New York.


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