Wk5 Art110-Artist Interview-Dianna Franco


 IMG_5827 IMG_5826

Dianna’s art was very interesting to me because it was almost like a tie die meets dull colors with random brush strokes. I really liked the tie die meshed colors but didn’t really like the colors surrounding it.

When we interviewed her about it she explained that the bright colors are what makes her happy. She said her paintings are very much like a person. There is so much good and happiness inside but sometimes is surrounded by negative thoughts or dull vibes. I instantly fell in love with the creative mind behind it. I thought it was genius!

It took her 2 weeks to complete all of the paintings in the gallery. She spent at least 8 hours a day. She started this series in the summer of 2014. the inside is acrylic paint and the outside is oil paint. I think using two different types of paint is very unique and brave.

Something that I didn’t notice at first was that she doesn’t name her paintings. She does this to allow everyone who looks at her work to think about how it makes them feel without a name interfering with that emotion.

Her main inspiration was when she was looking at pictures of outer space and the way stars exploded and new things formed. Another inspiration was a human brain. After she told us this I went back inside the gallery and noticed immediately that some of her work had vein like paintings inside and also galaxy looking colors. This was the first time I could really feel moved by an art piece and felt that everything she said made so much sense when looking at her work.

IMG_5828 IMG_5825 IMG_5824 IMG_5821


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