Wk5 Art110-Activity-Kickstarter

For my first category I chose crafts, because I love how people bring new ideas and are creative in the way they make things themselves.


This video really stood out to me because I am always writing notes to myself or reminders because I have a somewhat busy schedule. I think this idea is so amazing and could really go far and succeed. I know that if this hit the stores today I would be the first in line.


This video didn’t really have a life changing idea to me. I thought it was pretty similar to any other wall or picture hanger that took probably just around the same amount of work to get the finished product. I don’t really know what is so great about this invention, I just really think it is not original at all.

For the second category I chose the category of dance.


This video caught my attention because it’s very unique and different from all the rest of the common dancing you would think of. These two women are plus sized and very confident in their own skin. They are really hoping to help bigger girls become more confident and start dancing to show them that its not just fit small petite girls that can dance. I think it is a very positive message and super encouraging.


Now for some, this is just a good exercise with a acrobatic sort of dance. But most see it as a very provocative way to put yourself out there. I’m all for women trying to open up and get out of their comfort zones, but I know that if I were to join a pole dancing class everyone would disapprove. It just puts women under a negative light. Instead of encouraging them to respect themselves and men to respect women, it’s showing everyone that it’s ok to be known as doing stripper things and maybe makes people get the wrong idea.


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