Wk6 Art 110-Artist Interviews- Alanna Marcelletti

Thread Bared


Alanna was a very sweet and ambitious person to talk to. Some one asked her to describe the two works of art that were connected sand facing each other. She responded with saying it is like a dialogue between two people, two creative minds. the paintings are characters. She sometimes starts with an idea of what she wants to do but rarely ever finishes with that idea. She gets her inspiration from things that happen to her throughout the day or week. She really just goes with the flow.

She takes about a month to work on each one and works on multiple at a time. These creative sculptures are made up of a canvas, organza acrylic paint, and things she finds around the house or trash. She will often use old clothing, or metal crochet.

She feels that on her bigger sculptures she can fit an entire story on it but with her smaller ones there is no way she could possibly fit an entire story onto it and it is more intimate.


IMG_5881 IMG_5880


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