Wk6 Art110-Activity-Yarn Bombing


When I walked up into Fa2 second floor I found this sculpture that had some yarn around the top of it. I thought it would be perfect to feature this week considering that is what our activity consisted of doing.

IMG_5894 IMG_5895 IMG_5896

I haven’t had any knitting experience other than when my mom used to knit scarves for a little while and she would let me try a couple times. I wouldn’t say knitting is really my thing, but I do actually make bracelets and crafty looking things which is used with some yarn and skinnier strings. I thought it would be cool if gathered up some of the ones I had made and decorate my chandelier in the dining room.

I had many different colors and styles just hanging from the chandelier and I thought it looked kind of interesting. I thought that it could my own version of a yarn bomb. Plus it kind of spiced up the boring chandelier anyway.



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