Wk7 Art 110-Artist Interviews- Clare Samani


This gallery had a variety of many different art techniques by many different artists. The only artist that was there was Clare. Her art is shown above.

She explained to us that everyone gravitates to their own thing that they like, such as etching. It all depends on the artist and they are all different. To do these types of printing pieces they have to be able to draw and paint as well. To draw these images it takes around 6 hours. To print it takes around 5-6 hours as well.

We all asked her what paradox meant and she answered that it is a contradiction between two things that may be true and false at the same time. Or something that is just confusing all together.


Clare’s favorite is etching. Her least favorite  is silk screening which is the most commonly used way to print. It is used mostly for graphs designs and t-shirt designs. Its hard for her to do silk screening because she can never really achieve or get the image that she wants out of this process.

Usually all the prints are black and white with little color, but that also depends on the artist and the level of difficulty they want to achieve.

I added a few more images of the prints that I really thought looked cool and had the most unique details.

IMG_5923 IMG_5924IMG_5922     IMG_5921


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