Wk7 Art 110- Activity-Portrait Photography

Time of Death


This activity really hit me in a way that was very scary. I had very strong feelings about this. All week I have felt “dead”, emotionally, physically, and mostly mentally. By the end of my busy and terrible weekend I had just about felt like the way I look in this picture. Sometimes it is easy for us to just want to let go of our responsibilities and stress and just end it all. We don’t realize how it could effect others and the loved ones around us.

I have a friend who is very close to me. He is going through some very hard times and in a deep depression. Not too long ago his brother passed away and ever since he has been upset at the world. This person has tried to self harm many times and I just reunited with him this Saturday. I let him know how devastated I would be if something were to happen to him and that I am always here for him no matter what.

Whenever you are feeling like you just want to give up and when life is giving you the hardest of times, remember there is always a purpose for you in this world.


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