WK8 Art 110-Student Interview-Monica Navarro


Meet Monica!

She is a 3rd year Sociology major. We connected very quickly because I love sociology and we talked about what we enjoyed within it. She eventually wants to work with youth groups and interact with others but she isn’t totally sure yet. She also is having trouble with this major because she really loves math and feels that she might have chosen the wrong major. She also wants to keep going with schooling after she graduates to get her masters.

She currently lives in Bellflower and went to Bellflower High school. She played soccer all the way until her junior year and then played golf. Her first year of college she joined clubs and played soccer again but now she is just focusing on school. She has been working at a park as a recreation leader for 2 years now. She is in charge of working with kids during summer and maintaining the park fields and skateparks. She enjoys it because there is a lot of opportunity to move up.

Her hobbies include watching baseball games, playing soccer, and riding bikes. She likes drawing and does a ton of arts and crafts and her work. A fun fact about her is that she likes to go try new food places and new deserts often. Her favorite place she ever tried is Ferrels.

Overall she was such a sweet person and I really enjoyed talking to her. She was really nice and funny.


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