Wk 8 Art 110-Artist Interview- Brian Davis


Probably on of my absolute favorite galleries by far! Brian was such a cool and nice person. His energy towards sharing his work with people was amazing. I like juicing and drinking green smoothies myself so learning different veggies and fruit combos was super interesting to me.

His inspiration was visiting South Korea and noticed the different food about a year ago. He realized how important natural food is to them. He feels juicing gives him a chance to help others feel energized and get an extra boost.

He has been doing a lot of traveling and plans on moving to Italy on April 2nd. He is coming back in about 3 months and really wants to work up in Greece. I would love the opportunity to travel and meet a bunch of new people like he has. I really admire that he is living his life to the fullest and really experiencing so much.

IMG_5994 IMG_5993

Next he started making his creations. He made some carrot juice for some people but I asked for him to make something he likes the best. His ingredients included: Strawberries,mango,carrots, ginger, cantaloupe, lemon, lettuce, cucumber, and apple. He said he likes to grow his own veggies but anytime he can he will go to people who have fruit and vegetable trees and plants and just take some. The cups he let everyone use were also made by him. The art department makes them learn how to do ceramics which is not his interest at all but he ended up using them for his creative juicing show. The drink tasted so rich with health. Definitely something I needed today!

His background was super creative as well. He had used the old benches from the school from 1980s to make shelves. He really liked them because they had such history and had old notes and writing on them from the past.


The whole room was designed to have different types of creative arts going on. I was looking around and there was something that could catch anyone’s attention. Maccabee Shelley was working on something with a type writer and burning metal, There was an area where people could build things with wood, and another photo area where it allowed people to use creative thinking.

IMG_5996 IMG_5995


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