wk8 Art 110-Activity-Remix Culture

Remix Culture

Many like to think of the internet as something that is dangerous or scary because of the power it can hold. I think it is what people choose to do with it that makes it scary. It is all up to one person to publish or post something that they want. It is the people that spread things on the web that are the dangerous ones.

I feel that copyright is ok for most things, but people go a little over board when it comes to music or letting someone use someone else’s things to recreate their own. I am always frustrated when I have finally finished making a slideshow or video with music that I like in it and I am unable to post it or share it because of copyright.

The kind of copyright I chose wasAttribution 4.0 International because I don’t mind sharing my videos and I know no one will need to use it anyway.

I originally had a better idea for my remix work but was unable to find time to film. I ended up taking some videos from summer till now and clashing them up with some songs I like. I really like the outcome and I really enjoyed making something with multiple music genres. Overall good experience.



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