Wk 9 Art 110-Artist Interview-Lesley Nishigawara


Lesley’s work was really interesting and looked very complicated to complete. She explained that it took months to do and about 10 hours to install in the gallery. She likes using systems and dictate the outcome. She will make different patterns and shapes and cut out the negative space. This was her MFA show and she is a graduate student and her last show before her thesis show.She gets her inspiration from different patterns that emerge in the environment.

She has also started her own baby clothing line and it is used from all organic cotton. Her mom was a graphic designer so she grew up around creative designs and was also another inspiration.

I felt that her work did not really appeal to me or interest me too much. I thought it looked a little like math and I am not a math person at all. I like bright colors and things that have emotion. It felt a little dry and I didn’t understand it too much. I chose to do this gallery because normally I always choose the ones I enjoy the most, but this week I wanted to learn a little more about this kind of art. After talking to the artist I still walked away with little to no understanding of it so I was a little disappointed I couldn’t grow to like it or realize the importance in it.

Here is her other works of art that were also in her gallery.



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