wk 9 Art 110-Activity-Architecture and Urban Planning

 Cognitive map


Adopted Building


I chose this building because it is my go to place when I have a break in between classes.

(by the way this is the building when you first come up the escalators)

I observe everyday it is where friends study together, get food, and talk about their days. It is such a positive environment with a variety of seating. I asked some students how they felt about the building and they responded that they felt it was a better place to do homework or study because there is food and a louder food court type of feel and not like a school. Another girl felt it was a good distraction from some of her hard classes. One person complained that the starbucks lines are too long here and they wish there was more couches to sleep.

There wasn’t anyone who knew the actual history on this building unfortunately. I did observe everyone uses this building for many different things and it may just be a building with no academic value but it has a special importance for many people at CSULB.



In my redesign I chose to make another parking lot over by the library because parking and walking all the way over to the theatre for Art 110 is ridiculous and trying to catch a shuttle always makes me late. It is frustrating and makes me mad that I can’t just park over by where all my classes are. I also added a lake in the middle of the grass because I thought it would be really pretty and add a little something to the grassy area that not many people use.


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