wk 10 Art 110-Student Interview-Jacky Mares


This is Jacky

Jacky is a third year student at CSULB and is majoring in Health science. She was previously a biology major but wasn’t too sure of what to do with that major. When she found out what jobs she could do, the only ones that sounded interesting to her had to do with health science so she decided to switch. Now she really wants to do Genetic Counseling which involves helping pregnant women and talking about their health and genetics to let mothers know what to expect. I always hear some of the same jobs or careers that people want to do outside of college and I thought this was very interesting and unique. I love the fact that their are still people in this school that are exploring outside of the box and wanting to pursue in things that are genuinely amazing.

She lives at home still in Compton. She is the middle child of a younger sister and an older brother. She doesn’t work currently but she used to work as a cashier in a small store near her home. She is planning on being a tutor in the summer. She had a spiderman shirt and a transformer backpack on so I asked her if she was really into super heroes. She talks about how her and her friends are really into the marvel movies and comic books. She knows a lot about the marvel movies and the stories behind the characters. She enjoys to go out and eat with her friends on her free time and she goes to as many concerts as she can.

She was super short compared to me as you can see in the picture but she was really nice and kind of shy. It was good to get to know her.


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