Wk 10-Artist Interview-Dawn Ertl


Dawn was a very sweet person with a great personality. When I walked in I was amazed right away. I absolutely loved the way she had set up the bundle of woven yarn hanging from the ceiling. She said that she dyes all the yarn herself and weaves it as well. This piece above was based off of a music notation from the song Wait by M83. She used plastic bags, straw, strawberry crates, tape dispenser rolls and yarn to create this piece. When she was in the process of making it, we asked her where she would store it and she said that she would jumble it all in a box. She also explained that the art pattern changes each time she puts it up somewhere and there is no set look. This entire room of art work took her a year to complete.

In the background you could hear music playing softly almost like background noise. She had chosen 3 different tracks to play in the background. One was about love songs, one was about how politics and religion relate or don’t relate, and the last one was about things that people struggle with and have to rise above from. I thought that it was interesting because even though the art took a large amount of time to complete she still wanted to make sure to get the music choices just right. She felt it created extra noise and eliminated the quiet that you normally get in the galleries.

For the hanging colorful pieces, she had based them off of weather patterns. Each one is a different weather pattern and it resembles climate changes. Her inspiration for this was from when she worked on environmental issues for the last 6 years. This is her last show of the year.


Here are some of her inspiring drawings as something to base her yarn work off of.

IMG_6167 IMG_6166 IMG_6165 IMG_6164 IMG_6163 IMG_6162


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