Wk 11 Art 110-Artist Interview-Gabriel Garcia

Toxic Masculinity

This entire room really spoke to me and focused on an issue that is so extremely important in our society. It was such an important message that needs to be taught more often.

Each wall was a different topic relating to each other about either a news article that Gabriel read about or just things that he has noticed in society himself. He also mentioned that he used a certain font and the gray coloring to make the viewers read slowly and focus on the message rather than just reading a bunch of words in black and white. Any white on the pictures was either ink he used or eraser.

IMG_6355   IMG_6348IMG_6356IMG_6354 IMG_6347

This first wall was about the incident in the Philippines, where a man brought a woman home from a bar and when she was in his apartment he realized she was in fact a man. He killed her because she was transgender. The message on this wall was so sad and so important to put out there. I didn’t even know about this incident until he told me. It really breaks my heart to see that these things go on in the world.


This wall is about how young boys are taught to grow up being manly and to do things that men should do. It is sad that this kind of pressure is put on kids at a young age to make themselves look better to everyone else and not be judged.


This wall is about how many men are seen and what goes on inside their heads. To kill, be violent, or rape does not make a man stronger, it makes them a pig and a disgrace. I feel like this wall spoke to me the most and I could relate the pictures to each other the easiest out of all the walls.

IMG_6353 IMG_6352 IMG_6351

This wall is about how men are portrayed to enjoy being violent and that is just what a man does. Supposed to play sports and show violence and that they can fight. In school I actually see this one the most. The pressure is insane to be someone who is strong and he can protect themselves because if you don’t fight or lose a fight you are considered “gay” “loser” or “wuss”. It is very sad and completely wrong.


The last wall is something I actually here on a daily basis being said amongst friends and random people. You here it in movies or in songs. This saying is everywhere. It forces a man to be someone there not or do something that they don’t want to do because they are afraid of being insulted or be put down. Saying no to something you don’t want to do will not make you a pussy or any less of a man.

Overall I think this might be my favorite gallery so far. Well done Gabriel!


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