wk 11 Art 110-Student Interview-Amy Chang


Meet Amy!

She is a second year student at CSULB and is a communications major. She really enjoys public speaking. When she grew up she always changed what she wanted to be like myself. We had a lot in common. She said when she was in High school she had no clue what to major in and I didn’t either. Now we both are on the right track to our right future.

She was born in Korea but moved when she was 5 years old. She lives in Buena Park but says it is closer to Fullerton. She used to go Los Al high school. While she was there she danced all four years. She decided to take a ballet class here at CSULB but said it was more like work than a fun activity. She works at Guess and says that consumes most of her free time.

Some random things we talked about were how she hates spicy food but I love it! She loves sushi but I hate that. Weird that we connected on so many levels except for taste in food. She has a disneyland pass and we talked about that and what we like about going all the time. We had some good conversations about Netflix, spring break, and this class. Overall a super chill girl and we really connected. I loved getting to know her, super easy to talk to.


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