Wk12 Art 110-Student Interview-Sierra Putman


This is Sierra

She is a first year student at CSULB and her major is film. She also has a minor in philosophy. She would really like to double major but still is unsure about what she wants to do or if she should do that. She is from northern California and is living in an apartment with her sister who also attends CSULB. She said she does not see herself moving back anytime soon, she also wants to stay in Southern California for the summer as well. She joined a sorority and is really enjoying it. We talked about that and the things she has done just to see if I should join in the future.

Some more interesting things about her is that she really likes John Mayor, and we also talked about music for a while and found that we both enjoy the same type of music which is a wide variety. We talked about past summer trips we have taken and future ones we want to take and are going to take. She talked about how she went to Europe with her friends and how much fun it was. Definitely jealous! She used to work as a swim coach back home and she also swam in high school as well as track. She wants to find a job where she can coach swim that is closer down here eventually.

This girl was so much fun to talk to. Im so glad she approached me, we really connected and she had a great personality!


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