wk 12 Art 110-Artist Interview-Ashley Sharpe


When I walked into her gallery I was instantly amused. I really enjoyed looking at all the cat art because it was unique and different from other artists I’ve seen. She said that she just likes walking around her neighborhood with cat treats and likes to take photos of different ones. All of her prints are of cats she has seen in real life, met personally, or are famous internet cats.

She has also went to pet expos and explained that each cat is completely different in their own way. She had one cat before when she was younger but now she only lives with her roommate who has a cat. The main thing she loves about cats is that they are professional most of the time but they can have a playful side.



She takes all these prints that she makes and puts them into her room. Her room must be cat overflowed! They are all screen prints and all of them are a variety of each type of screen prints. She started this particular cat theme in 2013.

One of the things that caught my eye was the litter box in the front of the gallery.


I really liked her tribute to a cat that passed away in the back as well.



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