Wk12 Art 110-EC-Feedback

Out of the 12 activities that I have done in Art 110 my 3 most favorite ones had to be Social photography, Portrait photography, and a tough tie between student choice and Plaster casting.

1. Social Photography


I really liked this one because I remember the day we did it. I felt that It was super easy and really fun to accomplish. Im a huge instagram fan so I of course had a blast doing this activity. Its also the same day I met my good friend Maddie from this class and we have gotten very close since then.

2. Portrait photography


I loved this one so much! It allowed me to get a little bit more creative and I actually had a blast getting my makeup done by my sister to portray the “dead” part.

3. Student choice/Plaster casting


I loved the student choice because it gave us an opportunity to explore our own creativity and artistry. I alsways wanted to make my own dream catcher and I have always loved diy projects so it was the perfect time to try it out. Plaster casting was much more of a hassle and wasn’t much freedom in choosing how to do it but the day spent with friends was totally worth it in the end.

Now the 3 Least favorite activities had to be Yarn bombing, Remix Culture, and Architecture & Urban Planning.

1. Yarn Bombing


I didn’t really enjoy this one so much because I had no yarn or sewing materials. I felt that I almost shamed the real art and couldn’t really get a real experience for it.

2.Remix culture


I mad e a video for this project and put a bunch of different songs together but I really didn’t pull off the whole remix part of it. I basically failed this attempt terribly.

3. Architecture & Urban Planning


This one was not that bad of an activity but I didn’t really understand the art feel in it. I thought we could’ve done something a little more creative but overall not that bad.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108: I feel like most of the class time spent on Tuesdays was not relevant to the weeks activities or galleries. Some days were well spent while others were more on the pointless side. As much as I really enjoyed this class I felt it could’ve been a little better on Tuesdays instead of so much wasted time.

B. Activities overall: I actually really enjoyed the activities overall. Most of them were so much fun and actually aloud us to be more creative and express ourselves by writing about them.

C. Artist Conversations: Being completely honest, most days I preferred not to interview any artists because I would much rather look at their art and enjoy it rather than having to go speak to them about how and why they did those pieces. Some i actually did enjoy talking to but others I would’ve liked to avoid.

D. Classmate Conversations: I love the fact that I got to meet so many new people in this class and talk to people I normally wouldn’t. It makes Thursdays much more fun and upbeat seeing everyone converse with each other. Met one of my good friends from this and I think it turned out to be a really positive thing.

E. Using My Website:  Love Love Love! I think making my own website where I can customize and say whatever I want about my own work and conversations is so much fun and really unique compared to any other class. The best part is being able to express myself in a way that is still academic but mostly my own words and coming from the heart.


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