Wk13 Art 110-Student Interview-Lacey Alaniz


This is Lacey!

She is a 1st year student at CSULB. She lives in Huntington Beach which is pretty close to here but she lives in the dorms because her parents wanted her to have the full college experience. She thinks it wasn’t the best idea because she goes home quite often. She is a communications major and she is thinking about wanting to minor in marketing. She knows she wants to do something with sales in the future.

We talked a lot about Netflix shows we are currently and previously into and we have watched the same exact shows! She and I have similar taste when it comes to binge watching tv shows for hours on end. She also suggested some new shows for me to watch so I have to check those out soon, although I should probably wait until finals are over. We are both pretty similar people, she has the same music taste as me too. We both like all kinds of music with no favorites. We talked about jobs and how I have one and she does not currently. She mentioned how she wants one for the summer but I told her that if she doesn’t need it then don’t try because she will miss her free time. A cool fact about her is that she played field hockey all through high school.

This girl was super awesome to talk to! Loved her personality and was super sweet and easy to talk to. We had a lot in common was definitely glad I got to meet her.


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