wk13 Art 110-Artist Interview-Shihori Nakayama


Shihori has always loved to draw, she came over from Japan when she was 12 years old. She has a major in illustrations. It took her about 4 months to complete the art in this gallery. She likes ink and print making. Her art is all individual but she likes to connect them into one big image on the wall. The prints are from actual experiences that she has gone through. When she sees these it reminds her of certain memories.

One of her hobbies is photography and when she does this she will get a bunch of images in her head and plans out her favorite picture depicting her life as an undergraduate.

I absolutely loved her style of printing. The patterns were very antique and soft. Nothing was too bold. I like how you had to go up to the art to actually find little images within the patterns.


IMG_6641 IMG_6640

IMG_6645 IMG_6644 IMG_6643 IMG_6642


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